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From the beginning, Bravo Contractors has set out to build our reputation on honesty and integrity. With an open and honest approach to communication we want to be successful in building great relationships with our clients, partners and subcontractors. Bravo is a combined effort of Regional Managers, Project Executive and Project Managers who have come together to form a General Contracting company. The groups experience consist of constructing various Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Municipal projects throughout the United States. Bravo was formed to bring an exceptional degree of corporate management, corporate structure and building integrity to the construction industry. With over 100 years of combined construction expertise and knowledge we are more than capable to staff and complete any small to mid-size construction project. We believe Bravo will far exceed the expectations of our clients to complete projects on time and within budget.

Bravo Contractors take our individual and company reputation and responsibilities very serious and promotes pride and integrity in the workplace. All management staff has or will undergo training for their respective positions on a regular basis which includes: advanced techniques in construction management, project management seminars, partnering seminars, quality control seminars, safety management classes, budget control classes, and schedule management seminars. We offer on-site quality control services administered by individuals which have achieved an EM-385 certification from the Army Corp of Engineers.

Construction Services

Before the first shovel of dirt is turned on a project, extensive pre-construction services must take place to ensure a smooth delivery. We employ a full pre-construction team that can save time and money in the field. These services include defining the budget and determining the best way to approach the project by conducting constructibility reviews and value engineering analysis as well as comprehensive estimating at all levels.

Construction Management
Our concept of construction management centers around the introduction of our firm as a construction manager who acts as the owner’s agent and manager of the entire building process. If it is determined construction management will be the most effective delivery method, the construction manager assists the owner in arranging for and coordinating efforts with the architects, engineers and consultants used on the project. This ensures efforts are coordinated and not duplicated right from the very start of the design process to final delivery.

The design/build approach simply means consolidating the architectural design and construction services, making both phases the responsibility of one single provider. We will select a qualified team of architects, engineers and key subcontractors which best fits the owners goals and objectives for budget, schedule and quality. In many cases, the design/build process provides the simplest and most economical method of project completion and has the added benefit of single source accountability.

Guaranteed Maximum Price
When Bravo is to be selected for projects we would be asked to provide clients with a Guaranteed Maximum Price, or GMP. With excellent accounting, cost estimating and management capabilities, our firm can confidently take the risk of establishing a maximum price and performing the work without exceeding that number. Owners have the added advantage of knowing fairly early in the design process what their project will cost. We perform this service under an open book policy and return 100% of savings below the GMP to the Owner. This delivery method often assists the end user in adding items that may have been deleted during the design phase of the project or add items as desired.

Construction Process

Project Definition
This Project Phase begins with an informal meeting with the owners, clients and or end users to understand their culture, goals, desires and vision. Following the meeting Bravo will collect several types of key information (both historical and current). The collected data is then analyzed and reviewed to provide a qualified, objective recommendation to the owner to establish or assist in choosing the correct delivery method.

Site Investigation
The Site Investigation Phase collects information affecting the existing or new property from a zoning, engineering and a constructibility perspective. It includes in-depth information on jurisdictions, zoning, comprehensive land use designations, annexations, easements, right-of-ways, water facilities, sanitary sewer facilities, storm drainage, floodplain, thoroughfare issues, utilities, potential economic incentives, and other issues that can impact the project costs.

Preliminary Design
The information collected in the Project Definition Phase is translated into a conceptual drawing of the project illustrating the overall appearance of the building. Major structural systems, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as material options and finishes are identified for further analysis from a pricing and schedule perspective. Building code requirements are identified and compiled.

Early Guaranteed Maximum Price
With the majority of the Pre-Construction completed, Bravo can offer our clients to receive an early Guaranteed Maximum Price thereby fixing the project budget. This is advantageous to most clients as it sets the ground floor for any fundraising and financing efforts. Fully understanding that detailed construction drawings are not yet completed.  The early GMP will include a construction contingency to allow for those items that have not yet been identified or fully developed. This early GMP is only possible due to our experienced estimators and our field staff’s ability to control the overall delivery process while reducing risk for our clients.

Construction Phase
After receiving the NTP, the construction process begins with the completion of the technical drawings and the permitting process. Also concurrent long lead items such as HVAC and Electrical equipment is ordered while qualified subcontractors are interviewed for possible project consideration. Final line-item budgets are established and weekly or bi-weekly status update meetings are held to keep the project team abreast of ongoing construction and budget.

Commissioning and Turnover
At the completion of construction the building is fully commissioned to verify all building components and systems are completed to plans and specification also functioning as intended. The commissioning phase is crucial to the long term sustainability and operational health of your new facility. Comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals are developed and turned over to your staff. If training on particular systems is required this will also take place at this time. Upon completion and acceptance by the local authority a Certificate of Occupancy is awarded starting the Warranty. Bravo at this time will start processing the final payment and retainage.

Warranty Review
Unless otherwise indicated the 12 month Warranty will start upon acceptance by the local authority issuing the Certificate of Occupancy. Before the 12 month expiration date Bravo staff will revisit the building with the owner or owners representative and verify the systems are running as intended. Equipment that may be in need of attention from vendors or subcontractors will be identified and repair notices will be issued to the appropriate parties allowing 30 to 45 days for correction prior to warranty expiration.

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